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CEO Remarks


Gulf Axis and its affiliates have been established with the objective of attracting specialized services to the Saudi Market and reducing the dependence on external markets with emphasis on Oil & Gas Services, IT and Digital Transformation, ICT services, Human Resources Development and Training. Our mission is accomplished through perfect alignment with the 2030 vision embraced by the Kingdom.

Our Team


The primary focus of Gulf Axis is to avail technologies to meet clients’ ever-evolving requirements for both products and services. This is accomplished through partnering with recognized international providers of quality services and products. Our main strength is the dedication of our teams who are committed to meet clients’ expectations.


Digital services


Engineering & Technology Services




ICT Solutions


Real-Estate & Contracting

Our Companies

Gulf Axis Spectrum

Gulf Axis Spectrum is a Consulting and Digital services company offering a wide range of expertise related to information management needs: Knowledge Management, Project management,  Collaboration Strategies, Digital Workplace, Enterprise Social Networks, Agile working methods, Digitization of content and processes, And software engineering.

Gulf Axis CIT Solutions

Gulf Axis CIT is an end-to-end Information & Communications services and solutions provider. Gulf Axis leverages latest technologies by in-house development & partnering with the best hardware and software companies around the world to provide its clients the best the business must offer & help their clients minimize costs and achieve operational efficiency across their organization. It is best at understanding the different business needs of its clients and then integrating IT and communications technologies to offer real solutions to these needs. The quality and commitment of our team is the company’s main strength and ensures that the company always meets client expectations. Driven by client success, this team is built around the values of leadership and involvement at all levels.

Engineering & Technology Services (ETS)

ETS SCAL Laboratories ( Engineering technology services) is an advanced special core analysis laboratories, equipped with the last of art technology, where we start from core acquisition to reservoir solutions. From capillary pressure by comprehensive automated centrifuge facility with live monitoring, to the measurement of electrical properties which are available through porous plate or dynamic displacement technique. ETS SCAL laboratories has the capacity to simultaneously test over 100 samples, using either 2 or 4 electrode measurements at reservoir conditions. We have steady state relative permeability and core flooding applications using ISSM. and state-of-the-art bench-top machine which is capable of measuring NMR T2 distributions with and without confining stress and has pulsed field gradient capability. ETS SCAL services are there to achieve the commercial viability and optimal production and reservoir management.

Gulf Axis Training Center

Gulf Axis Training Center in collaboration with its affiliates of top training partners, offers world-class certification programs, training courses and learning solutions in a wide range of disciplines including IT, Management and Safety. Gulf Axis has already established its own state-of-the-art training center delivering services to the local market at international high-quality standards.

Gulf Axis Contracting

Gulf Axis Contracting Establishment specializes in the areas of IT, Contracting services, Real-Estate Development and Leasing of both commercial office space and residential units


Contact us

Gulf Axis Training Center
Building & Wasel No.4457 North Dana, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia